Choice Development

Every new project begins by locating a prime parcel of land, which can be developed into a manufactured housing community or other residential development. At the heart of Choice Development is the experience and ability to identify superior land acquisitions.

From preliminary research through initial planning and design and through final construction, Choice Development remains sensitive to our target market of interested homebuyers and is therefore better able to meet sales expectations.

We recognize the positive correlations between meeting sales goals and generating capital from our lenders and investors.

Providing the appealing product!Like our residents, each investor and lender is part of our team. Our corporate success is dependant on identifying and developing projects that appeal to each of the team members.

Choice Development strives for continuous improvement and new levels of excellence in every project we undertake. Today, our team of real estate professionals work diligently to realize the goals set forth by our parent company, The Choice Group; to provide an appealing product for home buyers which, in turn, meets our commitment to lenders and investors.